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Fade To Rage (I) & Must Be Wrong (CH)

District 28, Siebnen

Rage Against The Machine Tribute / Crossover


Fade To Rage was born on January 2012, from the union of Thomas Beggiato on the mic, Giacomo Cabrele on the guitar, Andrea Disarò on the bass and Nicola Brusamolin on the drums. The idea to play RATM it starts from an idea of the four members to play on the most accurate way Rage songs. Fade To rage have played a lot of concerts around Padova and Piazzola Sul Brenta; on February 2013, after the first year celebration, the band partecipate at "Festival Show" contest where they were nominated to play their single "Let's Give it A Shot" in Padova, in front of 4000 people, and going in the 12 finalists bill. On May 2014, the band releases the "New Era" demo tape, with 5 original songs; after 6 months, the drummer of the band Nicola, left the band. The new drummer, Amedeo, it took the seat behind the drums on 27th December gig at Southern Cross Pub. After a lot of gigs in 2015, the band took a hiatus, where the singer Thomas left the band for personal causes. On July 2nd 2016, the band started again it's activity to kick the asses with the new singer Giulio. After a 2017 full of concerts and the first international gig in Zurich on July 12th, Marco Quagliato became the new bass player of the band, taking the place of Andrea that left Fade To Rage after 6 years. 2018 has been a year full of gigs, with gigs in Veneto, Lombardia and Switzerland. 2019 started with a concert in Slovenia and for the first time, the band it's flying in Romania to play a concert at the famous Bucarest's Beraria H.


Mitwirkende Künster: Fade To Rage (I)


13.5.2023 bis 14.5.2023   20:00 - 02:00 Uhr


Kategorie 1: CHF 27.00



District 28
Fabrikstrasse 28
8854 Siebnen



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